Saturday, August 7, 2010

what to do what to say....

erm dun know la wat i want to say rite now...

i need some peaceful in my life..

yup maybe i already got it

& the most important things i need to appreciate all i have

actually i very blissful

oh thanks alot God..

firstly i have caring family..

so many friends..

loving boyfriend!!

i really greatful..

but sometimes i can't deny..

all the human beings can't running of with the problems..

but as the humble people,

i always try to think positively in every aspects..

i know i can do it!! yeah!!

for just now... really feel pity to my cliques..

some of them have same problems..

about the GUY!!

i hate that guys!!

they are blind!!

dun know how to appreciate someone special..

& never satisfied too!!

i know and really2 know

when heart is broken with someone special

that's why i really hate this part!!

actually for my beloved person,Bon..

although you never read my blog..

i want u 2 know that i am the lucky person

in the world becos i have u!!

u r really different from the other guy!!

but i know i can't putting high hope 4 u~

we able to plan but can't determined the fate

but i always remember if we not really to over-planned

maybe we will have hepi ending!! hopefully!!

i dun want people or my friends make us as their idol

i mean they will proud with us becos we never have any big problems..

i dun want!!

becos only both of us know what our weakness

and we already try to accept each other!!

hopefully our relationship will end with hepi ending

forever & ever..

my love never ends!!!

honestly i want 2 say that i can't wait 2 be ur wife 1 day..

although maybe takes time 2 years or more!!

i still can wait.. insyallah

hopefully u2!!

only u understanding me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

new hope....

rasenyer jap jek 2009 tglkan kiter
nothing 2 say again
yg da lps bio jela
but ape yg aku da capai dlm 2009??
dat the most important thing~~~
watever pun, hopefully this new year will make my life better & better
azam baru??
lau leh aku nk result gempaq dlm exam
aku da ade target..
at least aku nk grade ngn pointer ok la
xnk la 2 below
no2 k!
so i must give gud effort to ensure i get gud result also
i can do it yeay~~~
erm ikutkan at ne
xsabo nk keje, nk rase duit sndiri n yg ptg nk gud future
with someone i love so much, my family & my frenz hhuhu
erm xlame da
tgk 1 year more 2 finish my study
i can't wait 4 that time
kdg2 blpk cam nk tau sgt2 future kte camne
tp apakan daya
hopefulluy moga d pjgkan umur & d murahkan rzki
buat my beloved family especilly my parents
mg pjg umur gak
aku nk sgt abh n mak tgk aku grade
wow~~~ so sweet
mak abh tgu tau
ha skrg ne aku da ade 4 org da ank sedare
tgl 2 orglagi yang lom kuo
so sweet sgt2
i like it!!
my family getting big
war byk giler asimen tuk sem ne
so kn r settle slow2
sabo jela
cam xbese katekan
tp tension jgn ckp la
pkwe aku slalu ckp
"kan ur job, lau xbuat ape msk u kan"
aa tol gak2
luv & miz u bebeh
mg azamaku taun ne akan tercapai
oh GOD bless me & my family....